Giving Thanks

In the United States, we typically associate this last week of November with Thanksgiving, however November also brings us Native American Heritage Month, Día de los Muertos, Diwali, and Hanukkah, too. While each is unique in their own way, these holidays and cultural acknowledgements highlight practices of reflection, taking stock of the beauty and triumph hard work produces, and asks us to pause and remember the whole story of the communities and peoples who celebrate these special days.

At Buffalo Commons, we have a lot to be grateful for this year!

Read on to learn more about who and what we have at the center of our hearts and minds this year during the week of Thanksgiving:

  1. Buffalo’s inspiring families! Buffalo Commons would not exist without the families we strive to serve. Whether it’s through conversations at daycare centers, phone calls to caregivers who have already applied for next year, or in an Uber on the weekend, Buffalo is filled with parents and caregivers who are deeply dedicated to their children, and finding a school that shares that dedication and commitment to the whole child. We hear, over and over, how folks are looking for a school that sees their child as the unique and precious person that they are.

  2. Our dynamic community partners! Whether it’s while reading at story time at Alice, Ever After Bookstore, time spent in the gardens at Brewster Street Farm, or in building our Family Ambassador Program, we are incredibly inspired by the work these organization and programs are doing to bring folks together to build a city where everyone has access to a piece of the pie.

  3. Our Board Members! Buffalo Commons’ Board of Trustees rivals no other. Our Board members breathe life into our mission and vision each month at board meetings, committee meetings and in their overall work to support us in building an excellent organization. We are grateful for their time, dedication to the school, and in holding Danny (Executive Director) and Ellen (Director of Operations) accountable to our community.

  4. Each other! While we are in the early years of our life as a school with only two employees, Buffalo Commons is being built by a team of educators with a profound dedication to build something all together different for the children and families of Buffalo. For those of us lucky enough to be on this journey, we feel incredibly fortunate to be here.

Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts, for allowing us to be a part of your story, whether in a big or small way. Most importantly, thank you to each of you for being a big part of our collective story here at Buffalo Commons. We look forward to continuing our hard work together.

With gratitude,

Ellen Morenzi (Director of Operations) and Danny Brink-Washington (Executive Director)

To join us on this journey, apply starting December 1, 2021, at


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